5 Decorative Ways for Renters to Bring the Beach Home

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Back from recent vacation but not quite ready to give up that relaxing vibe? Bring the beach home with these easy decorating tips and you might just feel like you live on a permanent vacation!

As a renter, one of the biggest compromises is the restriction on making certain home improvements. Depending on where you live, these restrictions can vary. But don’t fret! There are many simple ways to bring that tropical vibe into your home that won’t break the rules. Just follow these steps, courtesy of RENTCafé apartments:

  1. “Beachy” Decorative Accents
    Adding decorative objects to your rental apartment is an easy and affordable way to bring the outside in!

    To make the most impact, place seashells or faux coral pieces inside a decorative bowl and on top of your coffee table. Wall-hung objects are also a great way to fill white space and only require making a very small hole, that may be either be disregarded by your landlord (as normal wear and tear) or covered up with a quick layer of spackle before moving out.

    ZGallerie “Faux Coral” decorative objects start at $24.95

  2. Palm Tree Wall Decals
    Wall stickers and decals are a big advance on the wallpaper of days gone by! They are now made to be easily applied as well as easily removed. Amazing, right? It’s the perfect solution for renters. No more hassle fighting with glue residue or using that dreaded scraper. Your walls are safe as long as you work with vinyl adhesive stickers.

    One of our favorite beach-chic designs is from Wallums.com and it instantly helps transport you to the beach! Apply the sticker in your home office and you will never want to stop working! You can now surround yourself in paradise 24/7.

    Peel-and-Stick Paradise Mural via Wallums.com

  3. Get Creative with Paint
    Incorporating pops of bright colors is a great way to ensure instant happiness and to help bring back memories of the beach. Check out these funky and fun ideas for adding just a small amount of paint, which is much easier to cover up at the end of your stay, if required.
    • Frame a doorway or just paint half of the door! 

      Creative painting via A Beautiful Mess
    • Create an ocean-like mural – great for those who hate to stay inside the lines!

      Invite the ocean in via DigsDigs
  4. Embrace the Natural Elements
    Island living would most probably include fruit, so why not incorporate them into your rental apartment’s décor. Lemons, bananas, pineapples – oh my! All are great objects to place around the house to help encourage that tropical feel.

    Coastal décor via Remodelaholic
  5. Stick to Naturals and Neutrals
    An easy way to update to a “beach-chic” interior is to switch out materials and textures to woods, ropes, bright whites, and glass. Sticking to this color palette through art work, cushion covers, pillows, and decorative accents is a sure way to help you feel permanently transported back to that tiki hut you visited years ago on your honeymoon.

    White kitchen area via Queensland Homes

Most importantly, when embracing the beautiful natural influences of the beach and the ocean, remember that through accessory selection and creative uses of color, it is possible to live in a full-time paradise, even if you are just renting.

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